Contrary to Spare's springbox story, I was discharged from the army in dec. 1970. I did wear aviation jump suits alot in 1973 when Tzippy first brought me to Black Mountain in 1973.After leaving the Army and Monterey area in Jan. 1971 I traveled back to Tzippy's and my birthplace in So. NJ. and opened a health food night club (!) along lines I had seen in Calif. in West End hippie town(near Asbury Park and about 1/2 a mile from Bruce Springsteen's gig at the time, who I knew from high school) and lived the fast lane life before running back to Calif with my ass in my hand,and little else.I needed some wind down space and Tzippy, the late beat era maven who we idolized for her east village experiences in the early 60s (we were still in high school) promised me it in the Palo Alto foothills.
I moved into the pod dome with Tzippy for about a month soon after the raccoon ordeal, which really did shake her up. We spent a few idlylic weeks in the Ventana wilderness together also.When I was in the Army at the Language school I spent three years in Carmel Valley (2 houses below Joan's place, with Richard Sidenick as a friend)and knew the Monterey county forests well.Tzippy and I had a 'thing' which will always remain, but she needed her space! There were no places at Black Mountain at the time, but Stan's family was in a drama so I called dibs on the Blue Dome, not quite finished, and moved in my New Fangled Sierra Designs large dome tent to a cozy place on the land.I set about hustling a vehicle, as I liked to dumpsterdive the Safeways of Palo Alto and haul stuff up to the Long House.I attended a black church in East Palo and sang in the choir (see the cross on the blue dome?)but was/is best described as my son did last month: a jewishbornagaincatholicbhuddist only in those halycon days did lot's of pot/hash and peyote with my meditation and sufi dancing-but never on Sunday! I lived at the land for a few months in 1973 before being voted into the blue dome at Blackmountain. I lived there until winter 73 when I was hired to work in Big Sur- my dream at the time.
The springbox at Black Mountain was problematic when I was there, Spare should tell you about the hair in the powersnake incident! I was crazy hyper(hence the title given to me later in Big Sur), but Spare was really intense, yet centered and I respected him and like him alot.I got to use the hot tub, which I helped get running and it was outstanding before it burned up.I DO have a raspy falsetto voice, from a childhood tonsil operation gone bad so learned to be a brawler occasionly early on. I am a kindly grandpa these days however. The wonderful adventures I had on the hill ranged from chanting OM with Hugh Romney at the bath at Pacifac high, the Treefrog Beer party at Neil Youngs house with him playing acoustic guitar over my head as I was passed out next to the camp fire, the Soltice Peyote DAYS at The Land,Sufi Dances on the ridge ,the pure democracy at work in meetings at the land, and chaos in action at Black Mountain-and sleeping occasionly with blue eyed Tzippy!
I live in the foot hills outside Santa Cruz with trees, goats, chickens geese,dogs,a horse and 3 generations(me the oldest) of my family.