How the heck did we all get here?

Good question!
This list is an alphabetical list of names linked to that persons answer.

If you don't see your name in the list, Create your page if you don't have one, and then go to your page and select Edit Page.

Go to the line where you want to type your story and type [[#beginnings]].
This will make the link from the beginnings page jump directly to your story.
Type or paste in your story and then click Save.

Now, come back here and add yourself to the list and then link your name to your page.

Billy Bonzini
Christopher Colorado Jones
Clare Robyn
Court Tefft
Dianne Carter
Dohna Lee
Fran Ryan
Gary Starkweather
Iris Moore
jerry ginsburg
Jim Kerr
Joan Baez
John Peck
Josh (David) Murphy
Juanita Llido-Malouf
Judith (Jude, Beeger)
Kathy Abood
Kevin Roach
Kim Meyers
Maria Hennessy
Mecca Burns
Michael Emrys
Mike King
Patsy Dodd
Paul Fox
Philippe Ross
rain burns
Rio Burns
Robert SperryRobyn (Clare)Sandy Baron
Sara Allen (Zara-Tom)
Sonny (Arvid) Hoppas
Will Linguist

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Adding Your Name

Click Edit Page at the top right of the page
Scroll down the list until you get to the line just above where you want to insert your name
Hit Enter and type your name on the new line
Follow the Linking steps below
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Linking Your Name To Your Story

Click Edit Page at the top right of the page
Highlight your name with your mouse
Click the Link icon in the tool bar - it looks like a chain link in front of the globe
Select your page from the Page Name drop-down list in the Create Link window by clicking on it
Click on Link To Anchor - just under your page name
You can ignore the rest of the fields
Type beginnings in the Anchor field
Click OK
Click Save
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Creating Your Page

Click on New Page at the top left of the page
Give your new page a name you can remember
Click on Create
Click on Save
Go to the People page and make a link to your new page and then come back
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