I appreciate all effort to get the Land people together again. And I
feel fortunate to be invited to the reunion. I have decided not to go
to this reunion mainly because I don't really know most of these
people. I have heard the number of people that are coming is close to
one hundred. Wow!
  • Back in 1975 I asked my friend Danny Lynch if I could stay with him
on the Land while I went to school. Reluctantly, but being my friend he
agreed. I was on the peripheral of what was happening on the Land. I
went to Foothill Jr. College most everyday.
The few people I met I usually see at the annual Struggle Halloween
party. It's good to see them and I always look forward to reminisce
with these few friends about this monumental time. Back then being all
of 18yrs. I feel lucky to have been old enough and independent but
young enough to have enjoyed this incredible moment in history; the
tail end of the hippie movement. What I mostly remember of this time is
being able to live so close to nature. First before I came to the Land
I lived in a tree house and later for a short time I lived in the back
lands of the Land. These unique experiences have stayed with me to this
day ( i.e. Emblematic on the kitchen shelf is my Aladdin Lamp. Recently
filled with high quality lamp oil, it's cleaned and polished to shine
bright in case of the night's power outage. And of course you know this
light brings back many memories ).
  • Each year I eagerly await the new generation's music to take top
billing at Struggle's Halloween party so they too can have a taste of
what it was like back then. Unfortunately these old eyelids can't stay
open that late. On the foundation of the passed generation the people
who live at Stuggle allow this new generation's musical venue. And I
think that's pretty cool. Congratulations getting together again, Todd