Come in and join us in our yearly dance. In thru the gate and down the path, past the cemetery, and into the big house for the music of The West Pile Boys, Jody and Audra and Aiden's band. A night made alive with the costumes, food, music and dance. Later there will be fire dancing and late night jams, people staying the night and Marks breakfast in the morning.
(flyer by Katie Dodd)
Awaken the bones of the dead, while the veil of the worlds is thin .
(photo by Patsy)

Brendan and Myshel dancing.jpg
awaken and dance
(Photo by Patsy)
Paul, Patsy and Mark.jpg
Join us from other worlds like Wonderland! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
(photo by Melissa Butner)
Or from the movies with Beetle Juice
photo by Lesley)

And from the pages of the Cat in the Hat!
(photo by Paul Dolnick)
Good thing Larry's flap is closed. Thing 2 might be red in the face as well. And what does Nichole think of her grandparents having such fun?
(photo by Paul Dolnick)

Ryan as Beetle Juice on base
(photo by Lesley)

Our own Danny Lynch and John Henry on guitar. Later in the evening Danny would put
on a cow outfit and sing and play fiddle to Milk Cow Blues
(Photo by Lesley)

Jody singing while devilish Jesse accompanies him on a drum
(photo by Lesley)

Video by Lesley

Enough playing for a bit, making my fingertips bleed. Sounded good though
(photo by Paul Dolnick)

Melissa and Tom.jpg
Melissa and Tom looking like they're about to deliver lines in a play
(Melissa's photo)

Devil Jesse and Melissa.jpg
Handsome couple (Jesse and Melissa) that thought about getting married at our Halloween Party. I don't know about saying I do to the devil, better to wait till our spring party. Maybe he'll be some fertility god or the green man, instead of a red one.
Melissa's photo)

Let's join the party and shake it up.. Shake those maracas Pam
photo by Chuck Slay

You say you lost your maracas? We have them here at Struggle.
(photo by Lesley)
Court and ObieI.jpg
Court and Obie with skeletons on their shirts. Except that Courts also lights up, but then so does Obie
(photo by Chuck Slay)
Jody's new look
(photo by Lesley)

Quite the steal - Carlos and Katarina
(photo by Chuck Slay)
Nichole and Jalanee
Too Cute!
Nichole and Jalanee
(Photo by Chuck Slay)

The Struggle kids = Kirara, Nichole and Jalanee
Looks like Jalanee had too much candy
(photo by Paul Dolnick)

Another great face painting this year. Karen did it herself, looking in the mirror
(photo by Chuck Slay)

A few kitchen shots

Chuck and karen.jpg
Chuck and Karen
(Chuck Slay's photo)

Myshel and Tom
(photo by Chuck Slay)
Justin and Angela.jpg
Justin and Angela
Pretty in Pink!
Anglea, Tom Rosie, Deserie, Karen and ?.jpg

Nice kitchen shot. Roses showing some legs and more. Actually she turned into quite the nurse before the night was done.
Had a couple people eat to many cookies.
(Deserie's photo

lLet's hear a good yodel Jen.
(photo by Chuck Slay)

Katie - A fire breathing dragon with an ashen face
(photo by Paul Dolnick)
The eye and teeth make Jesse a pretty creepy devil. Nice velvet coat though. He should be drinking Devil's Canyon beer since it's a local one.
(Photo by Paul Dolnick)

Wine anyone? What a couple!
Brendan with Myshel about to pop the.. cork? She 's got the dress.
(Photo by Lesley)

photo 1-1.JPG
Galen as Wolverine
Makes it easier or harder at the food table?
(photo by Karen Powell)

Devil and the dragon.jpg
Baby Dragon?

Which one is Tweedle Dee and which ia Tweedle Dum? Paul says he must be Tweedle Dum since Mark is older.
(photo by Paul Dolnick)

Alice as the purple people eater. The more she drank the more she started asking if she could eat you.
She also handed out body parts. Watch out, you were likely to get nudged by that horn of hers.
(photo by Lesley)
Pirate Tom - - How are you with that sword?
(photo by Lesley)


Who do you think would be quicker with their sword? Tom or Mark. Maybe Marko since his is drawn. But then Pirate Tom doesn't have a drink in his hand, hasn't for years now.
(photo by Paul Dolnick)
photo 5.JPG
Princess Mona and her wookie baby. Notice the brain plate on the table behind. Karen and Danny bring a variation of it every year. Probably tastes good but no one ever goes near it because of how it looks.
(photo by Kaen Powell)

Evelyn and Jennifer.jpg
Evelyn and Jennifer
(photo by Jennifer France)

I think Karen could get best paint job, There were some pretty good ones but she's hard to beat.
(photo by Lesley)


Audra doing it once again with her amazing fire dancing
(photo by Chuck Slay)

Leslie's video of Audra's fire dance

LaShawn and Deserie.jpg
Lashawn and Deserie at the gate -
Coming or going, never know with these two
(Deserie's photo)


And the party went on until we did all turn into pumpkins
Pumpkin carved by Court's granddaughter Jade (Photo by Kim)

If you have any photos to add please add them or send them to me to and I will. Need some of the band, dancing and other people shots. Don't have any of Audra and Aiden playing.

Another great party thanks to all of you that showed up and made it happen.
Happy Hauntings,