(photo by Jim Arnold)

a scenic drive bought me to the land
i couldn’t have done it without a helping hand
i first met winter and bill garaway
they came to our ranch on a sunny day
although arizona then was a great place to be
they told stories about ‘the land’ and I just had to see
how folks built their homes the best they could
how they danced under the stars at the edge of the woods
where magic and music happened every day
so I drove up the mountain for a short stay
i had so much fun and felt the joy
then winter and bill had a little boy
i stayed in the tree house and ate some good food
met so many people oh! life was so good
i returned to the land after a year
thought about it a lot .. my intentions seemed clear
i traded my mustang for a v.w. bus
made it halfway up the hill without any fuss
i pulled over for a truck that was right on my tail
when I couldn’t get going and I started to pale
a hill start was something I had never done
and I kept rolling backwards from whence I had come
the driver of the truck saw I needed a hand
rainbow drove my v.w. back to the land

i made my first stop at the barn parking lot
peter music was there with his long blond hair
he offered me his house on a ridge called montebello
(where the views were incredible and the sunsets so mellow)
built by steve and michelle, downstairs was a piano

when david chapple decided to move
he gave me his house which I really did love
folks kept on dancing in the long hall
the bands were terrific, we all had a ball

great sunday breakfasts were for everyone
who wanted to join in and have some fun
i soon met ob and we got together
thru good and bad times, thru all kinds of weather
he built us a house just west of skyline
we’ve been living here now for plenty of time

thanks for your music, thanks for the hugs
i will never forget your beautiful mugs
now the land sites are gone life goes on as before
can’t wait for the reunion so I can hug you some more.


photos by Neil