Baden-Baden, Schwarzwald, my retreat

1978 The Land
I was a young yogi and pacifist, who worshiped East/West - Catholic, Cistercian but then was all about the Bhagavad Gita, and I had it memorized. It pleased me through some difficult times. Anyone surviving the 60s was a veteran.
So many of us were off playing chess. There must have been at least 3 games per day.
What was there to do? Receive nasty grams from home, toss those, garden, improve water flow, earn money, file for services for some eyeglasses and essential meds. Work Union.
Find time to love, discover my direction in life.
And yes being a young, restless, rapid thinker falling deeply in love, always writing it down.

Now I'm feeling pressured when friends start creating things around me and that I'm going to get kicked to start writing - with whatever is earliest - dig in.
Carol and Juanita, together 27 years!

Pacific Grove, California