People make a community
People in The Land community who are no longer with us. They will forever live in our hearts and minds.

In Memory Of:
Sierra Laurel Wesley-Myers
Alan Bowers
Annie Hines
Bea (Barbara) Oliver
Bill Wheatley
Brenda Roth
Cathie Kirk McDonnnell (Pacific High School)
Court Tefft
Dianne Carter
Donald Eldridge
Ed Delabarre
Jim Arnold
Jim Forsell
JC (Joe Crampton)
Joel R. Blood
Keith Allen
Kenne Zugman
Kevin Freeman
Leonard Garaway
Koben Chino Sensei ( Roshi at old Pacific High School site)
Michael Kindman (who wrote many wonderful articles for the Grapevine during the trial days)
Norma Shapiro Reichline (Struggle Mountain)
Richard Comstock (Black Mountain)
Rip King
Purusha Obluda
Tramp (Patrick Silva)
Steve Majer
Steve Reinstien
Theresa Rustay (Black Mountain)
Tommy Tollefson (Struggle Mountain)
Tzippy Siegel
Xina Smith de Vasconcellos (Rancho Diablo)