My connection to the Land was through Jody who I met hitchhiking in Big Sur during Easter vacation in 1968. He was standing with a guitar and bedroll when my friend Stephanie and I drove by heading to Oxnard to visit her parents. We actually made a 180 to go back and pick him up because he had a neon sign on his forehead that read “I play a significant role in your life and if you pick me up now we can get started now”. That made sense to me and Stephanie must have seen the sign too because she turned the van around where there was no place to turn a van around on Bixby Creek bridge. We sang songs in the back of that van and stayed in touch through the summer. When Jody transferred to San Jose State in the fall he and my brother rented a house together in Monte Vista and we kept playing music together. After a series of moves he made back and forth between the bay area and San Diego (see Jody’s page for those details) he ended up at the Land and I, of course, became a visitor.
I never lived at the Land but have memories of visiting Jody and walking into the acres behind the big house where everything was green and naked people lived like gypsies in all manner of shelter. I was fascinated and delighted. I remember one day visiting in a little cottage-room he was living in near the big house. He was going through a box of odds and ends (isn’t everything an odd or an end?) and offering me a yard-long strip of yellow crocheted ribbon. It was the kind of crocheted strip that could serve as the neckline of one of those peasant blouses that were popular at the time. Hey! They are popular now! I was so happy to get this and planned to make myself a pretty thing to wear. I still have the strip buried somewhere in my underwear drawer and now that I’m getting ready to retire maybe I’ll surprise myself and make that blouse and wear it to the 2008 reunion!