Dianne Carter
December 1, 1948-- October 25,2005


Death is
But is not lasting
to pass a fallen bird
the notice of it is
but to walk along
is gone
only the thought remains
and thought
is all I know
of death.

This was one of her favorite poems and it was included on the announcement for her memorial.
The following quote was recorded five days before her death when Foster asked her what she wanted to say...

What I want to say, the most simple, is that we are all one and we have a choice. We can be the most beautiful or the most ugly. It matters. It is the only dance in town. I think that the idea that it is beyond our wildest dreams, that it has to be beyond our wildest dreams, makes it so important to do, to open to, to strive for the higher...it is infinite. The possibilities for beauty are infinite.
-d carter