Billy holding Brendan
Maria with Brendan
I am currently living in Geyserville, CA in Sonoma County. It reminds me a lot of where I was born with its rolling hills of golden grass dotted with oaks, and bay trees in the gully's. I'm very interested in the back to the land movement and self sufficiency. I don't believe its healthy when your taken care of from cradle to grave, I think you should work towards independence as much as you can in your life. I'm sure this is is something that I just absorbed being born where I did, and growing up in the influences of so many of you as a child. I eat meat, but try and be directly connected to the death for karmic reasons either buy hunting it myself or purchasing it form local farmers and butchering it myself (I try and cut out government intervention as much as possible). I'm a distiller by trade, and curently work primarily with grape brandy's, and this is why it is so hard for me to make it to the struggle Halloween party because I'm in the middle of the fruit harvest. I'm hoping that this year I can as it is on as Saturday.
mushrooming_at_the_land.jpgLand Mushroom hunting party Jan 09 we scored big about a half an hour after this photo finding oysters and a "pom pom du blanc" mmmmmmmm.
I forage for wild mushrooms, and for the last few years have been finding golden chanterelles and oysters musrooms up on the land. For me its an extra treat the idea that I a being born on this land am being sustained by this land...Good eats! some point I will try and say more about my experiences and what the land has meant to me.

At a party ~32yrs old
My wife and I at Crystal Springs